Random thoughts from an action-packed week. Apologies to those I’ve missed – it’s been a long week and the earlier parts in particular are a bit fuzzy.

Strangest Juxtaposition Award

Philip Glass to Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Loudest Award

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (you know it’s loud when the vibrations are making your heart palpitate so much that you feel nauseous five minutes after the music stops)

Runner up – Health (you know it’s loud when the drummer is wearing earplugs and the cartilage is vibrating in your nose)

Old Buggers Who Still Shit All Over the Rest of Them Award


Priceless Moment Award

The looks on the faces of the kiddies next to me at the sight of a bunch of old people pogoing to Wire

Award for Most Surprising and Interesting Blend of Styles

True Live

Gidget Goes to Kampuchea Award

Cambodian Space Project

Perseverance and Good Spirit Award

Owen Pallett, who totally deserved the full and undivided attention of the audience, but drew the dancing and carousing after-work crowd timeslot

If You Don’t Want to Listen to the Band Why Don’t You Shut the Fuck Up and Go Home Award

The crowd roaring at the back of the room that ruined the fadeout of the trancy intense Necks gig

Rolf Harris Award

Musica da Cucina, for using aluminium foil as both wobble board and gumleaf

Hardworking Unsung Hero Award

Every single one of the staff and crew who kept the whole thing running smoothly with a minimum of fuss

Curator Extraordinaire Award

Do I really need to tell you who that is?

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