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Concert & Festival Photography

Michael Hurley at Northcote Social Club, 27 January 2016

I’ve been listening to American folk legend Michael Hurley since my American friend Bob Moore introduced me to his music in the early 90s. Over the past 25 years, Bob has been feeding me a constant stream of Hurley and I’ve amassed quite a collection of mixtapes, CDs and vinyl, along with various other paraphernalia including magazine articles, compilations, and Hurley’s own unique comic books. (more…)

MOFO 2014 Review

And so another fine MONA FOMA festival draws to a close. It was a much smaller festival this year, with no superstar headliner acts, and a move from the cavernous PW1 to the more intimate MAC2 for the main performances, and MAC1 housing Conrad Shawcross’s ADA Project for the duration of the festival.

The festival certainly didn’t suffer from the more intimate arrangement, and it’s certainly a case of quality over quantity. Couldn’t fault a single one of the acts but I’ll make an effort to highlight some my favourites. (more…)

St Kilda Music Walking Tour

I was pretty excited to be able to take this tour of St Kilda’s music hotspots and history. I was deeply immersed in Sydney’s thriving underground music scene in the early 1980s, and this tour offered to show me some of the famous sites of its Melbourne counterpart. Unlike Sydney, which has lost most of the venues of yesteryear, Melbourne is fortunate enough to still retain many of theirs. (more…)

Megan’s Guide to MONA FOMA

At the end of the last night of this year’s MONA FOMA festival, I was touched when a young woman came up to me, told me that she worked for MONA, and that someone else on staff had told her that I was MOFO’s most dedicated fan. I am more than dedicated to MOFO – I’m positively fanatical about it, book my annual leave the minute the dates are announced each year, and go to everything I possibly can. I’ve been to all but one of the festivals (my father passed away just before the second one, so I had a good excuse). I thought I was just having fun, but it’s kinda nice to know that my support of the festival has been noted. (more…)

MONA FOMA Awards 2011

Random thoughts from an action-packed week. Apologies to those I’ve missed – it’s been a long week and the earlier parts in particular are a bit fuzzy. (more…)