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Concert & Festival Photography

A Festival Called Panama 2017

After being in a training course in Hobart till after 3pm Friday, I had to drive like the devil to make it to Golconda before the gates closed at 7pm. I made it and it was lovely to relax into the beautiful, peaceful, valley, have some home-made cider and a dance in the Bedouin Tent, and settle in for another weekend of great music and lovely vibes.


Weekend at Walshy’s. No shots of Puscifer, sorry, they specifically asked for no photos. Plenty of Mike Patton though.

Junction Arts Festival

With a new home in the lovely Princes Square, Junction Arts Festival really stepped up to a new level this year.

As with the past few years, I was working on the Photo Mob project, so got to photograph a wide variety of events.

Dark MOFO 2016

Fear Eats the Soul so we burn it up with the Ogoh-Ogoh.

This year I was working on the Winter Feast, so didn’t get to a lot of the festival, so this is just a few of the events in this year’s Dark MOFO festival.

Radio Birdman at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

Radio Birdman are still sensational after all these years! This was one of the most intense, most joyous and frenetic gigs I’ve been to in a long time. So many hot, sweaty, bruised, but very happy people at the end of the night!

A Festival Called Panama 2016

Panama is  a beautiful little boutique festival nestled in the quiet forest at Golconda.

I was privileged to be official photographer for the festival this year.