Message from the Moshpit is the work of Tasmanian photographer Megan Casey.

I’ve dabbled in many creative fields over the years, including writing, performing, mixed media art, and photography, before finally settling into the groove of photographing concerts, festivals and other events. 

I don’t have high-end equipment or photo pit passes, so my photos don’t have the high resolution crispness of professional concert photographers; I try and capture the energy and feel of the experience from the punter’s point of view. I photograph in often challenging conditions (such as having wave upon wave of punters crashing over my head to get onto the stage at an Iggy Pop show), and my main rule of photographing concerts is that it should never get in the way of me or anyone else enjoying the concert to the max. I think what I sacrifice in quality through using a compact camera, I gain in immediacy through being able to photograph from even the wildest moshpit without fear of losing or damaging a high end camera.


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